Moms do always care about their kids. At least my mom do. And when I say always, I really mean ALWAYS. And depending on your mom this might result and regular „status checks“ if you are still Ok or if you maybe died within the last few of minutes. This is maybe a little overdone, but sometimes you have exact that feeling when you get called very regularly.

But it isn’t meant mean by your mom. She really worries and feels better when she knows, you are Ok.

So I tried to help her ( and me ) and made a „status light“ for her living room.

I already have a small app running on my smartphone which is tracking my GPS coordinates all the time ( every 10 seconds ). When my phone is connected to any WiFi it will upload my latest positions to my own server. Up to now there were no real use for a daily tracking. I implemented this just for my motorcycle rides and holiday trips. So I automatically have an accurate tracking of where I have been to and also create auto-generated maps for the blog.

But know I extended my API behind my own services and also hacked a simple living room lamp from IKEA. I added a small raspberry pi zero device. It is connected to my mother Wifi and regularly checks my status. Depending on the status, It will trigger an relay which switches the light on or off.

I defined some „safe zones“, like my home, at my mom or at work. Whenever my current GPS position is within such a safe zone, a status will be set and the light within my moms living room will switch on. So she know: „Mom, I am Ok“.

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