With the latest QNAP Updates there is no standard package „SVN“ available via the App Center anymore. To install SVN on your QNAP anyway you could do the following steps:

  • The first step in the installation is to Install Optware IPKG through QPKG
  • Active Telnet on your QNAP under Network Services
  • Connect to your QNAP via Putty on console
  • Install the SVN package via console
    ipkg update
    ipkg install svn
  • Start the server
    svnserve -d --listen-port=3690 -r /path/to/your/repositories/
  • Don’t forget to add the server startup to your autorun.sh


1 thought on “ Install SVN on QNAP ”

  1. Hi Sebastian

    Just to say, the svn install via ipkg is now very much out of date. My own install for some reason died when I just upgraded the firmware of my QNAP. I believe a new version of sqlite on the system was the cause and it seems svn is very picky about what version of sqlite it uses.

    So in short, I managed today to compile svn 1.8.3 – the very latest – onto my qnap.

    So just a msg to confirm that it is possible to run past 1.7. and use the latest features along with maybe resolving issues of incompatibility that svn 1.7 may encounter as the rest of a system is updated around it.

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