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As for my various Motorbike Tours I normally love to do the first steps of route planning within Google Maps. It’s a great tool with mostly up to date data, you immediately got a distance and travel time estimation, you could send the link/tour to your friends …. BUT you normally can’t get it into your GPS or navigation system. Google started to support some Navigation System, so you could send them files. but this are only some models.

On the other hand i’d like to keep my tracks and also put them here on my blog. If your navigation system doesn’t support an export of the tour, you forgot to activate it or whatever, you could still reconstruct the tour on Google Maps. You could publish or use the current Google Maps link, but what if Google changes it Maps API and in 10 years ( sounds much, but think of it ) all your tour links will no longer work ? So i prefer to have an independent format, which is GPX for me.

I found a great Script from Josh Larios, which converted my Google Maps Routes into GPX files as an FireFox Bookmarklet. Due to the fact that Google now entirely switched to https, i got an error in the latest FireFox version, so i had my own update.


  1. Open Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer Browser
  2. Chrome/ Firefox: Drag the following link into your browsers bookmark toolbar
    Internet Explorer: Right click on the link and say: „Add to favorites ..“
    This link: GMapToGPX
  3. Open Google Maps and create / load your route
  4. Click the „GMapToGPX“ link from your bookmark toolbar. A new window will open and the GPX download should start.
    If you click the link for the first time and nothing happens, your browser might show you a warning message, that it interrupts opening a new PopUp window. Just allow opening PopUps for this domain.
  5. That’s all.

I’m going to update this in future, stay tuned. If you have any bugs, please drop a comment here.


15 thoughts on “ Convert Google Maps Route into GPX File ”

  1. Vielen Dank dass ich jetzt wieder einen brauchbaren Link zum Konvertieren von Google Maps Strekcen in GPX Format erhalten habe.

    Beste Grüsse,

  2. I’ve had the same problem, but found an answer on the web.

    in modzilla address bax type „about:config“

    This accesses basic modzilla settings.

    folgende Änderung vornehmen/do the following change:
    go to the line:
    „security.mixed_content.block_active_content -> false“

    Toggle it with right mouse click to „false“ from „true“

    Aber Achtung, das deaktiviert natürlich dieses Sicherheits-Feature/attention it disables this security feature

  3. I also had some troubles figuring it out.
    It works to the point that I can extract the data. But I cannot get MapMyRide+ to upload the .GPX file from notepad.

    This is the script you should bookmark;

    The Google maps url of the route map should start with the folowing;

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