QNAP SVN – Couldn’t open rep-cache database

Just in case you might ran into this problem:

I installed the SVN package QPKG SVN on my QNAP NAS server to have my subversion server running there. This package comes with SVN 1.6.17 . It’s easy to install via the package manager and also the brings the deamon service with it, so no further action required after NAS restarts. All my old SVN repositories were working fine. After i created a new Repository via command line i got an error message „Couldn’t open rep-cache database“. This are some version problems. Two simple fixes:

Creating the Repository fix backwards compatible flag:

# svnadmin create --pre-1.6-compatible /path/to/repos

Change the load order of the Apache modules in your http.conf file:

LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_svn.so
LoadModule php5_module modules/libphp5.so